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Terms & Conditions and Other Notices

Terms of Service

It is important that you read our terms and conditions of sales and service before you make any purchases or contracts. Our terms and conditions of sales and services can be opened or downloaded from this page in either Adobe Acrobat format or Microsoft Word format.

Terms of Use of this Website

It is important that you read our conditions of use of this website. Our conditions of use can be opened or downloaded from this page in either Adobe Acrobat format or Microsoft Word format.

Use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Encryption on this Site

This site uses secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption as and where necessary on open web pages, as may be identified by the padlock icon displayed in your browser’s address bar. Only basic encryption is needed for the pages stored on this server, and is supplied by a Comodo™ PositiveSSL Certificate; you can learn more about this level of security by visiting the Comodo™ website.

It should be noted that this website does link to third party websites for various reasons – the security of these websites is entirely the responsibility of their owners and whilst we have taken every reasonable action to ensure their content is valid and appropriate, Chasing Rays cannot be held responsible for any issues, or security concerns, that arise by following these links. See the terms of use above for more information.


It should be noted that the terms and conditions for use of this site apply to all materials and graphics on this website with the following exceptions:

  1. the WordPress icons used on the services page of this website, copyright © http://wordpress.org – see the WordPress icon page for more information and to download official icons in various graphical formats;
  2. the InFocus page theme, copyright © http://mysitemyway.com;
  3. product images in the services area, copyright © appropriate suppliers;
  4. trademarks and trademark logos such as Nikon, Microsoft, Windows, Epson, Adobe, Ilford, Paypal, Amazon, etc.

No copyright or ownership by Chasing Rays Photography is asserted or implied in these instances; however, the owners have either licensed to allow for free commercial and non-commercial use or allowed the use of their materials, and remain the owners of their respective materials.

Amazon Associate Program

“Mark Watkins is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk.”

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