Canvas Prints

"A modern yet subtle way of presenting your images....."

Stretched Canvas Frames

A Contemporary and Striking Way of Presenting your Prints

Inkjet Canvas WrapFor canvas prints, your image of choice is printed slightly oversized onto a background material – either a faux or true canvas – and stretched over a wooden frame or block. The result, depending on your choice of frame, is a canvas effect print that is raised off your wall when hung, producing a most stunning method of display for your print.

This product is offered in several variants depending on your choice of finish:

  • Classic Canvas Wrap
  • Chunky Canvas Wrap
  • Canvas Wrap Around
  • Inkjet Canvas Wrap

For a full listing of all products, please see my shop.

Ordering your Canvas Print

Your canvas print is a bespoke product as it depends on your choice of image – feel free to contact me for any information regarding stretched canvas frames or to organise upload or delivery of your prefered digital image. You can also visit my page to request creation of a download account directly. See also my guides and price lists for costing standard sizes and the options available to you for ordering your canvas frame, and my payment methods page for more details on payment and invoicing.


Notes on Charges and Orders over £150

Please see my guide and price list for standard frame sizes, or see the information in the product frames below. You should also read my payment methods page, taking note that orders over £150.00 will require a deposit of one-third the total value of the item(s) ordered.

Notes on Quality

I use manufacturer ICC colour profiles to prepare your chosen print to optimal quality for printing or setting on aluminium backs, manage the ordering process and organise any samples if required and available for your particular product. Please contact me for details.

Sending your own Digital Images for Framing

To upload your own digital image(s) for printing and framing, you can either send me your images on CD/ DVD (including any relevent details) or contact me to organise the creation of an upload account; see my client area page for more details on upload and download accounts. You can also email me your images, including all relevent information and contact details in your email.


Canvas Frame Options

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