Box Frames

"The modern equivalent of the classic photo frame, for that off-the-wall 3D look to your images....."

Box Framing

Metal and Wood Box Frames

Box FramesThe box frame is the classic equivalent to the stretched canvas frame; here, the print is actually set into a recessed area in the board, rather than being stretched over the edges of the frame itself. This produces a subtle 3-dimensional framing effect to the presentation of your image whilst still giving the same ‘off-the-wall’ look that is characteristic of the stretched canvas.

The box frame is available in a variety of formats, materials and colours, as can be seen in the pictures on the right.

For the more classic look, the single image wooden box frame is available in five different colours. As a take on the classic box frame, but for a more contemporary feel, multiway box frames are also available, which have a variety of layout formats that allow you to feature two, three or four of your favourite images. And last, for the ultimate in modern looks, I can offer you a range of brushed aluminium frames, which additionally feature your image on a metallic print medium. Metallic frames are available in gold or brushed aluminium colour themes and make a great, contemporary addition to your home.

For a full listing of all products, please see my shop.

Ordering a Classic Box Frame Print

Classic box frames, or box frames that are not in any other way customised except for your choice of image and frame, may be either purchased through the ordering frame at the foot of this page or you can request a quote through the bespoke box frame query form. It is strongly recommended that you read the guidance notes before completing this form.


Ordering a Bespoke Box Frame Print

Multi Box FrameYour box frame print can be made into a bespoke product as there are many additional options to change it’s look from the Classic box frame – feel free to contact me for any information regarding box frames, to organise upload or delivery of your prefered digital image(s), or otherwise organise a download account directly (which is a free service). Images can also be emailed to me, though you may need to bear in mind your service provider’s attachment size limitations.

An order form for box frames can also be found at the end of my box frame guide – either email or post your completed form with your image (if appropriate) or CD/ DVD for an electronic or paper invoice – please be sure to include your email if you require an electronic invoice. You can also fill out an electronic version of this form (and request a quote or invoice) by visiting my box frame query page. Also see these button links.


Notes on Charges and Orders over £150

Metallic Box FramePlease see my guides and price lists or the product frame below for standard frame size prices. You should also read my payment methods page, taking note that orders over £150.00 will require a deposit of one-third the total value of the item(s) ordered.

Notes on Quality

I use manufacturer ICC colour profiles to prepare your chosen print to optimal quality, manage the order process and organise any samples, if required (and available for your particular product). Please contact me for details.

Sending your own Digital Images for Framing

To upload your own digital image(s) for printing and framing, you can either send me your images on CD/ DVD (including any relevent details, preferably on a paper copy of the box frame query form), contact me to organise the creation of an upload account, or submit an online request for an upload account; see my client area page for more details on upload and download accounts.


Classic Box Frame Options

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