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"Choosing the right overlays is vital to the final look of your bespoke album......"

Photo Album Details – Overlays

Guide to Overlays or Mats

Leaf OverlayOverlays are attached to the leaves of your postbound or bookbound album to provide a beautiful frame over your images. There are a variety of standard aperture and multi-aperture options, or I can design a bespoke single- or multi-aperture overlays to exactly suit your needs.

They come in two general styles, standard and bevelled. Standard overlays have image frames whose edges are cut perpendicular to the top of the overlay, whereas bevelled overlays are generally thicker and have image frames whose edges are cut at 45 degrees.

Additionally, bevelled overlays generally have a surface and body material whose colours are complementary, producing a border around your image whose colour is complementary to the overlay surface (e.g., black border with ivory overlay, or ivory overlay with black borders).

Other variations on standard and bevelled overlays might be the introduction of raised or coloured borders around the image frames – please see the guides below or contact me for more information, or if you would like me to design bespoke overlays for you.

Overlay Guides for Different Album Styles

Contemporary Albums
Bookbound & Postbound Albums

**Please note that the Reportage size is now obsolete, though spares and albums can still be obtained on request.

Options for Overlays

Options for Special Overlays

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