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Sheepsies: LPOTY

Ayalem Photography: Landscape Photographer of the Year Competition

A short, but well-deserved post for my friend and colleague, Anthony Mitchell of Ayalem Photography, for his image “Sheepsies” which gained a commendation in the Take a View Landscape Photographer of the Year competition.
"I’ve put Anthony’s image up for your viewing pleasure as the main image in this post…."

I’ve put Anthony’s image up for your viewing pleasure as the main image in this post.

Even better, he’s been featured in the Wilts and Gloucester Standard, as well as, of course, being printed in the Landscape Photographer of the Year: Collection 10 book.

My copy of this book is already sat in my front room; if you’ve any interest in landscape photography at all, this book will give you all the inspiration you need.

What I can’t really overstate is just how hard Anthony has worked to get this award. This is the culmination of five years dedication to his craft, five years that I know have represented some of the greatest challenges in his life, both in a personal and photographic sense.

So to overcome all this and win this award is far more than being amongst the best moments of his professional career, it is one of truly personal lifetime achievements that I hope he keeps with him the rest of his life.

Chap, congratulations again from me, but don’t think this means I’m getting up at stupid o’clock to walk up a freezing cold mountainside with you any time soon!

All the best,

Chasing Rays Photography.

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  1. Anthony MitchellAnthony Mitchell11-09-2016

    Thank you very much for the post Mark, it is very much appreciated. I am still in somewhat of a state of shock but also very proud to be part of the 10th year of the competition which I’ve always held in high regard. I owe much to those sheep! 🙂

    • Mark WatkinsMark Watkins11-14-2016

      It’s an excellent image; pleased to be able to show it on my site!

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