Quick Price Guide

"Your quick reference guide to my prices....."

Quick Price Guide

A Quick Reference Guide to Chasing Rays Pricing Structure

Nikon CamerasThis page contains a quick guide to the kind of prices you can expect for my photography and other photographic services.

Please bear in mind that this page really is just intended as a guide, though, and that you should consult the page(s) of any items you’re interested in for product information and more detailed guides and pricing structure. This is particularly true for items with a lot of ordering options like albums and frames.

You can always ask me for a quote if you’re unsure.

Please note that where different options (e.g, frame sizes) are available, the lowest price for all available options is quoted.



Short Photography Sessions
    • Portrait Sessions: £36.00 per hour (£36.00 minimum)
    • Bespoke or Personal Sessions: £90.00 per hour (£90.00 minimum)
    • Commercial Sessions: £150.00 per hour (£150.00 minimum)
    • Travel Costs: £0.23 per mile (for every mile over 30 miles total travel, free otherwise)

Wedding & Special Occasion Photography Sessions
    • Blencathra: £600.00
    • Helvellyn: £1000.00
    • Scafell: £1300.00

Session Extras*
    • Full Image Copyright: £150.00
    • Animated Slideshow of Chosen Images: £75.00

*Price is only applicable when either or both these options are not already included as part of the photography session.

Photographic Accessories

Photo Albums
    • Bookbound Album: from £168.99
    • Expressions Album: from £55.99
    • Portrait Album: from £25.00

Photo Album Accessories
    • Album Overlays: from £0.99

Photography Services
    • Defect Correction: £6.00 per image
    • Image Prints: from £6.00 per image
    • Photo Restoration: £6.00 per image
    • Small Accessories: from £5.99

Image Scans
    • Print, Slide or Negative Scans: £3.00 per image
    • Medium or Unusual Format Scans: £6.00 per image

Photographic Frames

Photo Frames and Displays
    • Acrylic Backs: £POA
    • Aluminium Backs: £POA
    • Acrylic Frames: from £20.99
    • Box Frames: from £31.99
    • Canvas Prints: from £40.99
    • Strut and Folder Mounts: from £1.00
    • Signature Mounts and Kits: from £48.99
    • Special Frames: from £64.99

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