Last Light at the Pepperpot

Last Light at the Pepperpot

This image captures St. Catherine’s Oratory, the Pepperpot as it’s known locally, at early sunset. Despite the relative brightness of the sky, the exposure of the foreground was lifted slightly to more evenly balance the overall exposure and reveal the detail of the oratory itself.

I set my camera to ISO 100 for a five second exposure at f/22, to allow to properly expose for the kind of light levels I was seeing in the sky. Quite by chance, an unknown someone was wandering across St. Catherine’s Down and stood in my camera’s field of view. I liked the juxtaposition of this person on the barrow and the oratory, so I took an opportunistic shot – fortunately, the person stayed still during the exposure, and gave me this sharp image of the oratory in the orange glow of early sunset.

As for the lens flare… well, I was nearly facing the sun and it really couldn’t be avoided. Personally, I think it adds to the atmosphere – embrace the flaws.

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