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Side Pike and Blea Tarn

Side Pike and Blea Tarn

A little photography trip, and training, was in order with a good friend and fellow landscape photographer.
"With the both of us having a few free days, we decided to meet up for a little personal project time…"

We are both from the Lake District originally, and both have a wife and partner who regularly travel outside the UK with their jobs.

All these met in a little coincidence, and with the both of us having a few free days, we decided to meet up for a little personal project time whilst visiting relatives in our hometown.

Whilst my colleague had decided on a quite serious photography itinerary, I was only going up with him one day of the week, to catch the evening sunset on Side Pike and the snow on the Langdales and, if possible, to get some shots of Blea Tarn whilst there was still enough light to make this possible.

Blea Tarn proved so-so, at which my colleague decided we should get ourselves up Side Pike as soon as possible. After a slight delay for a change of socks – he put half his leg down a muddy bog as we left the tarn – we tackled a nigh on 1 in 4 slope to ascend the 400 metres up Side Pike to get to our chosen location.

Half near killed me getting up there, but it was worth it. Have a look at my mini-gallery for a few of my better images from the day, though, and see what you think.

A note on preparation here. When you pack your bag, make sure you’ve got the correct screw to attach your camera to your camera tripod plate, or you might end up needlessly dragging the extra weight of a tripod up a mountainside… Needless to say, all my shots were handheld. Fortunately, it didn’t matter too much with the light we had.

So that was one serious lesson, and one mistake I won’t be making again! Preparation. The first of the Three P’s of landscape photography.

A few shots of my colleague in there as well; a small thanks for taking me up Side Pike and teaching me some of his craft, and for no other reward than a small burger and chips.

All the best,

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  1. MitchMitch02-25-2016

    Nice write up Mark and sorry for the steep ascent, I was very concious of light levels 🙂

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