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My Sister's Wedding - Losehill Hall

My Sister’s Wedding

Another post where it’s been a year since another important wedding in my family – my baby sister Caroline and her husband, Peter, finally tied the knot at Losehill House Hotel and Spa this Saturday, 5th of September 2015, in a small and elegant civil ceremony.
"It’s been a year to the exact second of this post appearing – barring a minor problem with the sound system – since my baby sister walked down the aisle…"

In case you’re wondering why these images and video of Caroline and Peter haven’t been on my website until a year after the date, it’s because that once again, I wasn’t the official photographer; my sister had set her heart on the same photographer my older sister, Jane, used ten years ago, when she got married.

Fair enough! And, of course, there shouldn’t be any conflict with the official photographers business at this point in time. I’ve included some pictures of the official photographers in the gallery, just to keep things the same as the first time I met them in 2006! Otherwise, though, these images were, when taken, just for my immediate family’s personal edification and are shown as nothing more than a small gift now.

Consequently, this post was actually written only two weeks after they’d got married, and has been on schedule ever since…. So, without further ado… happy first anniversary, Caroline and Peter – I hope your first year together was fabulous, and I hope there’s many more to follow. Take it from me, it just gets better.

Enjoy the wedding video and the mini-gallery!

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