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Great Chile Project

Great Chile Project

I should explain the Great Chile Project.

It came about when my wife was sent a chili-growing kit as a present. Whilst this might sound innocent enough, what the sender of this gift was not aware of is the fact that my wife is one of the most feared and notorious killers of anything green.
…my wife is one of the most feared and notorious killers of anything green…"

It’s actually not her fault; she tries her best, but is hampered by certain beliefs in the art of horticulture that will, inevitably, lead to the death of any plant foolishly left in her care.

I give you, for instance, the old wives’ tale that tea can help a plant grow. Whilst there might be some truth to this, I doubt it to be true for undiluted, freshly brewed tea… that is still piping hot. I jest not – this is a true story.

So it was with some trepidation that we set out on the Great Chile Project, with the lofty goal of said plants’ survival until they could fruit. I’m glad to say that my fears for the poor little blighters’ safety proved unfounded, and my wife was able to get them to exactly this stage.

So… here is a small celebration of the success of the Great Chile Project. The images in the mini-gallery were taken with an f/2.8 105 mm macro lens using an off-camera flash via a TTL sync cord. The small chiles are Demon Reds, and the larger green ones are Jalapenos.

They tasted great.

All the best,

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