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Following a rather nifty little article by my friend and colleague at Ayalem Photography, I thought I’d give some of his advice a go and incorporate some of his points into my own technique. Have a look at Ayalem’s article on macro photography for more in-depth information.
"Following a rather nifty little article by my friend and colleague at Ayalem Photography, I thought I’d give some of his advice a go…"

One of the things that particularly caught me was his ‘sniper shot’ technique, to exhale two-thirds of normal, and use this as the basis for taking your shot; in theory, at this point, the only thing that can affect your ‘aim’ is the tiny motion due to the beating of your heart.

I incorporated this into a technique that I use, which is to rock slightly backwards and forwards rather than try to adjust the camera, that is, small movements rather than the big, potentially distracting ones you’d need to adjust your focus.

And I think it worked quite well. I took the shots in the mini-gallery below in my front garden (see the street view shot, image 16) which is only several yards from the main road through our village. Even though there was a slight breeze, I think my success rate for getting that incredibly narrow depth of field in the right place was up at least 15 – 20% on what I’d consider normal; take a look at the pollen grains on the bee hairs. Quite nice.

The only down side was a few odd looks from the neighbours and passers-by. I suppose it’s not every day you see someone lying down on their front path with their face a few inches from a small flowering shrub. Hopefully, my camera provided enough of an explanation.

One side comment is that I noticed there were none of what we used to call honey bees as children, only bumble bees – has this problem with bee hives really got so bad? Feel free to let me know what you know…

Hope you like the mini-gallery, but it comes with an advisory if you’re weirded out by bees in any way.

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  1. MitchMitch07-02-2015

    Thanks for the feedback Mark and glad it helped a bit. Some nice images here and yes we do get some funny looks at times from passers-by, I once spent around 2 hours on my front in a wood of bluebells much to the bemusement of the local populace 🙂

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