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Frosty Flowers

Frosty Flowers

This is not a long post, but more just a report on some opportune macro photography taken very early on a frosty – and extremely cold – February morning.

Sometime a bit of serendipity is the start point for one of your projects.
This is not a long post, but more just a report on some opportune macro photography taken early on a frosty February morning…"

In this case, it was that I’d woken up early thinking about the field trip my friend and fellow photographer at Ayalem Photography was just on.

He is a landscape photographer, and I knew he was up at around 5 am that morning to ensure he could shoot the Lake District with snow on the higher peaks. I know he hates being up early, but this was an opportunity he’d been waiting for for quite a few years.

Did I feel sorry for him? Well, he had taken me on a route march the day before up Side Pike, but let’s just say that whilst he was out in the Lakes, I was happy to be in bed with the duvet tucked up to my chin.

Ok – perhaps there was a little guilt. So, my small nod to him – and to the photographs he got that day, which are possibly amongst the best he has ever taken – was to be up at first light, crawling around in the local shrubbery, taking advantage of the same kind of weather in a different way.

Enjoy the mini-gallery of my efforts.

All the best,

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  1. I hope you enjoyed that duvet, I was thinking about you on that lakeside at daft o’clock! Thank you for the nod though Mark, was a pleasure meeting up and climbing that mountain.

    • Mark WatkinsMark Watkins03-05-2016

      I would have come along, but, well… I thought it would be better left to the expert. At least I used that time to do something constructive!

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