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Choya Sake Product Shoot

Choya Sake Product Shoot

The last in a series of product shoots I’ve been doing recent, in this case a Choya Sake product shoot with a number of sake drinking accessories, such as a sake bottle and cup.

This shoot is similar to others I’ve been doing recently.
"This photoshoot is similar to others I’ve been doing recently…"

It begins with the same general light set-up: two softboxes to camera left and right, both double-baffled. They were both given an additional layer of tracing paper to give the side lighting on the bottle, and triggered wirelessly.

An LED video light to give the background graduated light behind the product to highlight it, whilst a small angle-poise LED lamp, gelled and snooted, to highlight the product label.

A black Perspex base was used to produce clean, sharp reflections. A gold card was used to reflect some of the flash back through the sake, producing an inner glow to the liquid.

You can get an idea of the general setup by looking at the lighting diagram for my bottle of Bunnahabhain Whisky product shoot.

The angle-poise was clamped to my studio table to camera right, and gelled with a half-CTO gel. This was the best gel I found to highlight the centre of the sake bottle label; I did try blue and red gels as well, but these just didn’t work out very well, as they didn’t show enough colour contrast with the label.

Indeed, whilst there was already a slight orange colouration to the centre of the label, the half-CTO further enhanced and added to it, as can be seen in the feature image at the top of this page, and in the mini-galley below.

I quite liked the final effect this produced and helps, in my opinion, to make this image. As ever, though, your opinions are welcome.

My only other prop was a cherry blossom, not only because of the cherry blossoms shown on the label, but also for some of the reasons I talked about in my post about my miniature samurai swords.

So there you have it – my take on a Choya Sake product shoot.

All the best,

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