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Children's Portrait Session

Young Children’s Portrait Session

Towards the end of August this year I was commissioned to do a children’s portrait session that took us both indoors and outdoors over the course of several hours.
"This little girl was an absolute delight to photograph…"

She and I (and her little brother, who isn’t shown here) had some great fun.

I was lucky enough to hit on one of her favourite subjects quite early on by saying just how pretty her hair is – it turns out that this is currently her hot favourite hobby, as she’s growing it down to… well, I suggested her waist, but in her words, her bum!

This little girl was an absolute delight to photograph, as for one thing she just loves mugging up for the camera and doesn’t seem to suffer from any sense of shyness in front of the camera. This is not usual, by any means! More typical is that the little one will be quite shy, and usually want to have a parent nearby for a little while until they get used to someone pointing a camera at them.

My approach here is to start slow, and just let them get used to me being there before I’ll even begin to photograph; some kind of involvement usually helps through the session, so showing them the photographs your taking, and reassuring them just how great they look, is very helpful.

Sometimes they’ll want to copy the photographer, so a camera prop can be quite handy at this point; here, as seen in one of the pictures in my mini-gallery, it just so happened that my rocket lens blower turned out to be a fabulous hit.

The last thing is that there can generally be no amount of formal posing – or at least, very little – for a very young child, so I like to just let the session go as it needs to and try to do any formal poses, say with the family, at a later time when they’re more relaxed and perhaps lost a bit of their energy.

In any case, a formal structure to the session is just not generally possible – I just go with the flow, do what they like doing and, as you can see in my mini-gallery, shoot down at their level – and shoot often! Because I’m usually quite mobile during these sessions, I generally use a single on-camera flash which I flag and wall bounce when inside, but might go for a static lighting set-up if this seems like it might work. Needless to say, with ranges being quite different at different times, I’ll use a variety of lenses throughout the session.

In the end, I think you ultimately always get your reward by doing it their way.

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