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Pet Portraiture Session

This is just a short post to show you what you can expect from an hour or two of pet portraiture, here a set of images I took some time ago whilst walking with this little chap and his owner across some fields around his home.
"This is just a short post to show you what you can expect from an hour or two of pet portraiture……"

The surrounding fields are grassland and farmland, giving me the opportunity to shoot with this little Jack Russell on both short grass, with some of his toys, and amongst the new wheat that was growing in the field nearby.

I used a Nikon 1.7x teleconverter attached to a 70 – 200mm zoom lens to get in as close as possible; we took a yellow ball out with us to keep the little chap’s energy up during the walk and, whilst he had a particularly good run that day, we caught this energy and his personality perfectly.

That said, he’s naturally a very nippy fellow and sometimes went a bit too fast for his own good – there’s a nice image of a sudden reversal in direction of travel as he missed the bounce of the ball completely in one instance. This, to me, just adds a bit more character to the session, evident in his overenthusiasm.

We had a lot of fun and caught some great images of the owner’s doggie at play, whilst he had a lot of fun, a particularly energetic walk and got to claim mastery over the humans during games tug-of-war – we ended the day with some nice relaxing strokes, lying in the shade and a big drink of water!

Hope you enjoy the images in the mini-gallery; though, whilst these pictures show just one type of portrait day I can do for your pet(s), we are only really limited by what we can imagine. What does your pet particularly like? Where’s their favourite haunt or walking place? What really shows their personality?

Because this is exactly what I want to capture for you.

All the best,

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