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Labrador Puppy Wide Angle

Pet Photography: Baxter

This September, I was asked to do some photography for Baxter, a black Labrador puppy. It turns out that Baxter is the puppy that just doesn’t stop.
"It turns out that Baxter is the puppy that just doesn’t stop…"

I came to this shoot expecting something slightly different, as rather than formal shots, I wanted to reflect both the energy of puppy-dog Baxter himself and the personality of the couple who own him. They are very fun-loving, outdoorsy-type people, and formal shots just didn’t quite seem the right thing.

A mix of candid long-range shots and wide angle close-ups seemed ideal. We added to the mix by letting him play with another, older Labrador, who is also included in some of these shots. She tolerated him very well, even taunting him with some of his own toys during the day!

Seriously, what puppy is not going to be curious of the first time he sees a big camera a few inches from the end of his nose? Not Baxter, that’s for sure; I can testify to this by the amount of slobber I ended up removing from my lenses (whoever said that UV filters are not useful has clearly never photographed a boisterous puppy close up).

It’s one of the things I love about dogs in general, and puppies in particular, that everything [that exists] was clearly designed to fire their particular brand of curiousity-driven, snuffle-based overenthusiasm.

It’s an energy for me that just has to be photographed, and that I tried to embody for Baxter with the featured image of this post – note the focus emphasis on his nose, rather than his eyes (and me breaking another ‘rule’ of photography…).

Our day lasted three hours or so, and as well as the photos, an A3 frame of Baxter with his mum and dad now hangs proudly in their house.

I’ve included the usual mini-gallery; hope you enjoy it.

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