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More Pet Portraiture

More Pet Portraiture

Recently, I got the chance to photograph the ‘big sister’ of a Jack Russell I shot a little while back. She is a seven year old Labrador Retriever, and one of her great joys in life is running around in the deep grass – or, as in this case, a wheat field.
"The subject of this session was a seven year old Lab Retriever, and one of her great joys in life is running around in the deep grass…"

Even in the few weeks since I did the first photography session the wheat had grown considerably deeper, so a lot of the time all there was to see was a brown snout poking out of the greenery, or the occasional floppy pair of ears waving around.

Fortunately, bouncing around when happy is more than a given for this particular gal, so by anticipating her movements – helped by following the prodigiously rustling patch of wheat left immediately in her wake – and having my camera set to slow continuous shooting (around three or four frames per second with the Nikon D4 with focus priority), then I was able to get a good number of shots.

As previously, I used a Nikon 1.7x teleconverter attached to a 70 – 200mm zoom lens to get in as close as possible when necessary and then just allowed her to entertain herself as much as possible. No toys needed in this case – tall grass being that exciting – all I had to do in the end was wait for the right moments. Again, as for my last session with her little brother Jack Russell, this is part of her personality, so is one of the things that’s very important to pull from the session.

After a strenuous play, there were a few last images in an open field to get some close-ups, along with a few shots with her in motion.

I hope you enjoy the images in the mini-gallery; whilst these pictures show just one type of portrait day I can do for your pet(s), we are only really limited by what we can imagine. As I mentioned in my last post, what does your pet particularly like? What, or where, really shows their brings their personality out?

Because this kind of image is the kind you will treasure forever.

All the best,

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