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Google Nik Collection Now Free To Download

Google Nik Collection Now Free

Fantastic – congratulations to Google! The Google Nik Collection, a set of high quality tools and add-ons for major photo-editing software, is now available for free download!
"The Google Nik Collection is now available for free download…"

This is a set of tools that integrates into your photo-editing software via add-ons for Adobe Photoshop CC, add-ons for Adobe Lightroom and add-ons for Photoshop Elements that allow for high-end processing of your images.

These include:

    • Analogue Efex Pro: Simulate the look and feel of traditional film cameras
    • Colour Efex Pro: A set of filters for colour correction and creative effects
    • Silver Efex Pro: A high-end black and white conversion tool
    • Viveza: Adjust the colour and tonality of your images without the need to create complex masks
    • HDR Efex Pro: A full range of HDR effects for your images, from natural to surreal
    • Sharpener Pro: Pre- and post-processing image sharpening for your images with an adaptive algorithm; sharpening is calculated on a per-image basis
    • Dfine: Noise reduction tailored to your camera gear

Previously, this little lot was probably amongst the most expensive of add-ons you could get, but now… well, it might be nigh on 500 Mb to download, but that’s about the only bad side; that is, to say, not at all!

Not only that, but the Google Nik website is full of helpful resources; well worth the visit if you intend to use these tools.

There’s also this nice little video to introduce the Google Nik Collection by Phlearn – an excellent resource website for Photoshop tutorials, which I highly recommend you visit – which I’ve linked here:


(Just to be clear, the production of this video has absolutely nothing to do with me, I’m just linking to it; all credit for this video goes to Phlearn.)

The Google Nik Collection now free – download it now!

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Chasing Rays Photography.

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