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Why Have An On-Location Photography Session?

One common misconception I see quite frequently is that good people photography, particularly portraiture, needs a studio to be able to produce the very best of work.
"When we were younger, people who are now around my age were photographed by professionals using film cameras….."
Actually, I can understand this completely. When we were younger, people who are now around my age were photographed by professionals using film cameras.

It was easier – and even in this digital era, it’s still easier – to control your lighting in a fixed environment. The lighting results are very much predictable in a given set of circumstances, so that’s what people like me, who are now parents, got used to – sitting in a studio to get your photo taken. It’s what we knew and understood to be the norm.

So if results are so good in a studio, why would you want to even consider going on-location?

I think the first thing to say is that ‘on-location’ doesn’t necessarily mean outside. On-location can be anywhere of your choice: in your home, in a special place, somewhere you just like the scenery, where you got engaged… the list of possibilities is absolutely endless. It only stops where you can’t physically get a camera or the camera gear!

In fact, with modern, portable lighting systems, your photographer can get good off-camera flash units almost anywhere. Consider a few of the example images in my mini-gallery below: the preshoot of the girl in her wedding dress, the two young lads, the puppy in his basket and the staring kitten were all taken in spaces no bigger than a couple of square meters, using combinations of on-camera or off-camera flash.

All four of these images were done in the comfort of the clients’ own home.

So with a minimum of fuss, I can come to your home to do your photography session at a time of your choosing and convenience, to take the images you would so much love to have.

And not only is it convenient for you, but it’s also more personal – what could be more representative of your life and loves than your own home? Instead of a photographic backdrop, you have a set of images where you can see the things that have the most meaning to your life, caught forever on your images, adding a unique quality that just can’t be replicated in a studio.

Another consideration is whether you’d prefer your photography session outside. The flexibility and portability of modern camera equipment can let your photographer set up almost anywhere you choose. Perhaps your garden, for images of your children at play, or because gardening is your first love? Or the park or hillside where you proposed, or were proposed to? Maybe the place you first met your partner? Or perhaps even your place of work, as in the welding image below (actually, this image was used in a commercial advertising brochure for the company who commissioned this session).

Again, the possibilities are almost endless, so whilst I can only explore a few in this short post, I can’t encourage you more to think about where you might next like your portrait taken… because if you want just that little bit more of a unique and personal an experience, you might like to think about on-location photography.

All the best,

Chasing Rays Photography.



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