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Wedding Preshoot

Why Have A Preshoot?

One very good question is why should you want a preshoot for your wedding or special occasion as a part of one of my all day photography packages?
"One very good question is why should you want a preshoot….."

The answer really depends on what you want or need for your special day.

For instance, you want absolute trust in your photographer on your wedding day. You – and your photographer – have one chance to get it right; there are no retakes or rescheduling later on, so it’s only natural that you want to know that you like your photographer’s style, have some understanding as to the way they are likely to direct you as a couple during your romantic portraits, and generally get a feel for the ways your photographer gets the very best from your poses. Finally – to some degree – you have to know to some reasonable extent that you get on with the person taking your images.

You might want to capture some engagement photos – just private images of you and your partner, at a location or in a setting of your own choosing, captured during a relaxed hour or two in your casual clothes. Or perhaps you’d each like some individual images of yourselves in your wedding formals, like in the mini gallery below, in the comfort of your own home (or homes). In this case, I’m happy to arrange to do more than one preshoot at the special hourly rate that comes with your package.

There’s other more practical reasons why you might want a preshoot. Perhaps you want some photos for a thank you card, a save the date card for your wedding or perhaps you’re looking for a photo to go with one of my signature mounts or frames as an alternative to a guest book.

One of the images from your preshoot will be made available to you for free when you book your big day with me.

Since your plans for your big day are no doubt changing rapidly as your big day approaches and all your organisation start to come together, its and even better idea to combine a preshoot with a second consultation to ensure that we’re all still on the same page insofar as your plans for your photography is concerned.

So there’s a whole variety of reasons why a preshoot might be a good idea and I’m open to advise on any and all suggestions or ideas you might have, or even to give you a few thoughts for what you might want to do.

There’s also the flip side to this coin. Perhaps you don’t want any formals or a romantic portrait session on your wedding day, but would prefer a fully photojournalistic approach to your day’s photography. Or perhaps you feel a more photojournalistic approach would just be more appropriate, such as for birthday or anniversary parties… or perhaps not!

So you can see that it all just depends on your circumstances, and is an important part of our discussion during your initial consultation.

All the best,

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