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As well as my photography, did you also know about my slide scanning service?
"As well as my photography, did you also know about my slide scanning service….."
The image at the head of this page is an example of a direct scan I did for a client from a twelve year old slide. The image was presented to me on AgfaChrome slide film that had been slide mounted.

In this case, nothing more was needed to optimise the image, and I was able to give the client his digital copy for the meagre sum of £3.00!

I’m able to optimise your scan for film, slides and transparencies presented as negatives and positives, and my prices range from £3.00 to £6.00 for individual slides, to bulk agreed prices charged per hour of scanning. I use a professional level scanner and software to do your digital conversion.

Where the scan is from a source that might for whatever reason be compromised to some degree, be it sunlight, storage, accidents, you might also need my correction service; you can see an example of a slide that needed more extensive correction by looking at my post on image correction.

Again, if have a large number of scans that also need correction, we can agree an hourly rate instead of per iamge prices.

So, if you have some old film roll, transparency or slides you’d like to convert to digital and worked up, then do feel free to contact me to talk about your options.

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Chasing Rays Photography.

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