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New Album Swatches

New Album Materials and Colours

To go alongside the new range of albums I’m offering, there are a new range of album cover materials and colours, and I hope here to give you an idea of what they look like.
"Alongside the new range of albums are a new set of album cover materials and colours….."
The new range of materials vastly extends the possible options for main album covers.

At the same time, the new range also introduces far more consistency across the range of associated portrait albums, parent albums, guest albums and accessories that can be additionally selected.

The cover materials are both natural and man-made; here’s a quick summary of each:


Leather Album SwatchThis is the classic natural material with its distinctive touch and smell, and comes in 12 colours.

It is a relatively thick cover material with the small crinkles generally associated with natural leather in its surface.


Linen Album SwatchBy comparison, linen is the classic man-made book cloth, with its distinctive small chequered squares in its surface and a rough, dry feel.

Linen is a robust, hardwaring material that comes in a range of 12 distinctive colours to suit almost any special occasion.


Rhapsody Album SwatchRhapsody is the first of the new man-made, leatherette-type materials. It has large crinkles in a dry feel surface and is a relatively thin cover material. It has a completely matt finish.

Rhapsody comes in a choice of three classic colours: black, burgundy and ivory.


Florentine Album SwatchFlorentine is the second of the new man-made, leatherette-type materials. It is a lightly crinkled, leather-look surface and is a relatively thin cover material. It has a pearlescent, dry-feel with a slightly smooth finish.

Florentine comes in a choice of four colours: black, ivory, red and white.


Energy Album SwatchEnergy is a modern man-made material. It has a gloss, dry-feel and entirely smooth finish that makes it a suitable material for a more modern look and event though, in my opinion, is perhaps less suitable for events such as weddings.

Energy comes in a choice of black, pink, purple, red and white.

Bonded Leather

Bonded Leather Album SwatchBonded leather, contrary to the name, is a man-made material with leather-like crinkles in its surface whilst giving a slightly hard, semi-smooth feel and a pearlescent look.

Bonded leather is available in the classic colours of black, burgundy and ivory.


Astra Album SwatchAstra is very similar in look and feel to bonded leather, maintaining its harder, semi-smooth feel and pearlescent sheen. It differs in that it has a distinctive, ‘eye-like’ patterning.

Astra is available in black, burgundy and ivory.


Chintz Album SwatchChintz is different from the other man-made materials in that it has a smooth, dry feel but without a glossy appearance. Indeed, it has a matt finish with a contrasting, darker ripple pattern across its surface.

Chintz is available in black, burgundy and ivory.

Of course, the colours are just examples of what’s available and each album, depending on your choice of cover, comes with its own, distinctive options for personalisation.

For more details, and to see how the different materials actually look when used on various album covers, have a look at my album pages.

All the best,

Chasing Rays Photography.

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