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Though they’re not offered directly on my website, I am happy to offer your images in classic frames.
"Though they’re not offered directly on my website, I am happy to offer your images in classic frames…"

Why are they not offered directly? Well, ultimately, it’s because there is just too much choice to make this a viable proposition. It’s much better for me to have a look at your image(s) and advise on the best frame type to most fully enhance their presentation.

And of course, if you have something specific in mind, I’m more than happy to meet your needs.

The featured image in this post is a good example. My nephews sent me a birthday card that was both amusing and well thought out, given it’s recipient’s love of cheese and reading! Both my wife and I loved it, and we chose the bespoke frame and mount to enjoy it for years to come. I think it looks great!

I can offer frames of almost any colour, style and size, and can come with anything from single plain mounts to double mounts with luxury V-grooves cut around the mount aperture to emphasise your image. And, indeed, I can offer almost anything in between.

Want to find out more? Just contact me and/ or send me your image(s), letting me know your needs, no matter how detailed or general.

All the best,

Chasing Rays Photography.

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