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Animated Slideshow Example

Animated Slideshows

What do you get with the animated slidehows I offer with my all day packages? The video featured here answers that question for you.
"What do you get with the animated slidehows I offer…"

Here, I’ve used some examples that a few of my past clients have been kind enough to allow me to show; there’s a mix of photographs from weddings, christenings and children’s portrait sessions.

Yours will, of course, be tailored to your special occasion.

I offer a range of video qualities and formats up to 1080p for a range of televisions, computers and mobile devices; I also offer self-running executables for Windows computers and DVD copies that can be used directly in your DVD player. Just let me know which ones you want.

All my slideshows are set to music, so turn up your volume if you haven’t already got it on!

All the best,

Chasing Rays Photography.

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