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Weddings and Special Occasions Images

I‘ve had the privilege to act as first or second shooter at a number of weddings and other special occasions, and have included a few of my favourite images from this genre in this portfolio.

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  • Wedding Breakfast

    Wedding Breakfast

    5th September, 2015

    This seems to be another of those things that some people like, and some don't, but even the food is an important part of the day; one more thing that you organised for your guests for one of the day's major events - the Wedding Breakfast.

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  • Thistle Buttonhole

    Thistle Buttonhole

    5th September, 2015

    A slightly Scottish twist to suit the groom at this wedding, a thistle buttonhole as a small reminder to the wedding guests of his pride in his origins.

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  • Taking Of Vows

    The Taking Of Vows

    8th August, 2015

    A sneaky long telephoto image taken during a civil wedding ceremony. This kind of shot is perhaps not to everyone's taste, but for some people every little detail can carry the significance of the moment.

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  • Mythe Barn - Outside The Venue

    Outside The Venue

    16th May, 2015

    This is an image of the civil wedding venue of Mythe Barn, Warwickshire, taken as the day came to a close in the golden hour around sunset. A good potential closing image for any wedding album.

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  • Mythe Barn Civil Wedding Hall

    Mythe Barn Civil Wedding Hall

    16th May, 2015

    This is an image, much as others published in my portfolio, of the civil wedding hall at Mythe Barn, Warwickshire, taken as ever before the wedding guests have been invited to take their seats.

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  • Mythe Barn Wedding Breakfast Hall

    Mythe Barn Wedding Breakfast Hall

    16th May, 2015

    This is an image of the ceiling decoration in Mythe Barn, Warwickshire, in the room used for the wedding breakfast, with the image here taken to showcase the chandeliers and netting used.

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