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A selection of portrait images, generally taken in portrait or bespoke commissions or weddings and other special occasions; some, of course, are just opportune or photo-journalistic images I have taken along the way. Some of these images are not strictly portraits – I tend to include pictures of people in various settings in this category also.

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  • Lady Photographer

    Lady Photographer

    7th October, 2010

    This was a portrait taken of my wife at Skelwith Bridge, near Ambleside, at the north end of Lake Windermere. There is a teahouse and a slate foundry nearby at the start of the waterfall walk upstream from this location. This stream burbles along just below the teahouse and we went down there to take a few shots from the rocks in the middle of the stream. I took this combined landscape/ portrait looking towards a setting sun.

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  • Cheeky Chappie

    Cheeky Chappie

    7th August, 2010

    This picture was taken at the Tropical Bird Centre, near Leicester, and is a portrait I took as we took a rest from wandering round the grounds. This image was taken as we shared a little joke, and just for a second his face lit up with this heartfelt smile - I love moments like this, for all kinds of reasons.

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  • Couple at Bradgate House

    Couple at Bradgate House

    24th April, 2011

    This picture was taken almost purely by chance. I had intended to picture this couple walking towards the ruins of Bradgate House, near Leicester, but just before I pressed the shutter they leaned towards each other in this small gesture of affection. I waited just a second or two extra, then took this image.

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  • Peeking over the Shoulder

    Peeking over the Shoulder

    19th March, 2011

    The set of images this one belongs to was taken during a commission before Chasing Rays came into existence. Here, this little girl was the subject of my day's photography, with her mum and dad requesting various things they'd like to see in the image set. This one happened by complete accident near to bedtime, but fortunately I was set up and quick enough to capture this crafty peek over her dad's shoulder before she hid her head again.

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  • Little Giggles

    Little Giggles

    19th March, 2011

    The set of images this one belongs to was taken during a commission before Chasing Rays came into existence. The little girl here was sat in her wobbly rocking chair (sorry, I don't know what they're really called!) and was distracted by one of her favourite stuffed toys, a.k.a, 'Rubbish Henry'. Waving Henry about in front of her, just out of shot to camera left, favoured us all with this delighted grin.

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  • Framed by Leaves

    Framed by Leaves

    2nd July, 2012

    An informal shoot for this young chap's parents saw this opportunity to use a frame of leaves and allow the impression that he was having a bit of fun climbing the tree. (Which, in fact, he was!)

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