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A selection of portrait images, generally taken in portrait or bespoke commissions or weddings and other special occasions; some, of course, are just opportune or photo-journalistic images I have taken along the way. Some of these images are not strictly portraits – I tend to include pictures of people in various settings in this category also.

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  • A Perfect Moment

    A Perfect Moment

    5th March, 2015

    This image caught this little chap during a quiet few moments when he stopped running around for a little breather. It was lit with a softbox to the front and camera right with a second, bare bulb accent light to the rear and camera left. A perfect moment.

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  • Lost In Thought

    Lost In Thought

    19th September, 2015

    This is an image from a photoshoot of this little girl, and caught her at during a moment of reflection. This is a straight-out-of-camera shot, taken at f/2.8 with a 28-70 mm lens and was lit purely using natural light from a large window to camera rear-left.

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  • Groom At The Reception

    Groom At The Reception

    5th September, 2015

    A candid image of the groom during his reception. I my opinion, formal shots of the day should always be complemented with candid imagery as a reflection of the high emotions of the day.

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  • Father Of The Bride

    Father Of The Bride

    5th September, 2015

    Candid images of the wedding are the bread and butter of modern wedding photography. Here we see a candid image of the Father of the Bride during the Best Man's speech.

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  • A Bride's Portrait With Glowing Veil

    A Bride’s Portrait

    5th september, 2015

    This image was taken with a 70-200 mm lens at f/8 from the first row of seats at this bride's civil reception, just after the signing of the register.

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  • Children's Portrait Session

    A Girl’s Portrait

    23rd September, 2014

    Naturally, younger children will be moving about extensively, investigating and playing, so it's unfair to expect them to play ball with more formal poses until the situation warrants it.

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