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A selection of images of the interiors and interior fittings, decorations, furniture, etc; this portfolio is distinct from the ‘architecture’ portfolio, which I take to mean exterior design, fittings and appearance. I include images from a number of scenarios in this category, including weddings.

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  • Side Pike and Blea Tarn

    Side Pike

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  • Towards Coaley Woods

    Towards Coaley Woods

    24th August, 2013

    This view looks south-west from Coaley Peak towards Coaley Woods, on the ridge of peaks above the Severn Vale. This landscape view looks along the ridgeline on the left and covers the view nearly to the River Severn itself on the right.

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  • Severn Vale from Coaley Peak

    Severn Vale From Coaley Peak

    25th August, 2013

    This is the view from the spot height at Coaley Peak looking over the Severn flood plain - the Severn Vale - towards the River Severn and, in the background, the Black Mountains of Wales. This is one of the longest views I know of in the British Isles on a clear day (which it was). Here, we take a roughly easterly view towards the source of the Severn.

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  • Last Light at the Pepperpot

    Last Light at the Pepperpot

    6th August, 2013

    For this landscape, I had set my camera to ISO 100 for a five second exposure at f/22, to allow to properly expose for the kind of light levels I was seeing in the sky. Quite by chance, an unknown someone was wandering across St. Catherine's Down and stood in my camera's field of view.

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  • The Oratory at Sunset

    The Oratory at Sunset

    6th August, 2013

    The light from the sky was maybe still a couple of stops brighter than the on the land at this time, so I set my ISO to 100 for a 30 second exposure at f/16, to allow to properly expose for the kind of light levels I was seeing in the sky. Obviously, the camera was mounted on a tripod to allow for pin sharp focussing.

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  • St. Catherine's Down at Sunset

    Sunset on St. Catherine’s Down

    6th August, 2013

    This sunset image was captured on the walk up to St. Catherine's Oratory, the Pepperpot; here, I used live view to avoid having to look at the sun through the viewfinder, which may have done me some serious damage given how bright the light was at that time.

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