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A selection of my images are also available in black and white as well as colour, or black and white only. This portfolio is a catchall area so you have the option of just viewing all those in black and white in place.

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  • Lover's Violin

    Lovers’ Violin

    28th March, 2012

    This picture was one I just had to take - a couple sharing a quiet moment on the Charles Bridge by the beautiful classical music being played by a violinist in the foreground of the image, who glanced over at them to see the effect of his music. The violinist was one of the people who make a part of their living by plying their trade along the side of the Charles Bridge; in the background you can see, in the distance, the twin towers of the Tyn Cathedral in Old Town Square.

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  • Prague Castle at Night from Charles Bridge

    Prague Castle at Night from Charles Bridge

    28th March, 2012

    One of the most iconic scenes in Prague is the outline of the castle, in this image as seen from the Charles Bridge; the figurines on the bridge edges are just visible on the left of the picture. Both black and white and colour versions of this image work well, but the black and white version seems to suit the Gothic architecture of the city more.

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  • View from the Clock Tower - Black and White

    View from the Clock Tower

    28th March, 2012

    This is the view from the Clock Tower in Old Town Square, Prague, looking down on the small alley that leads you back towards Wencleslas Square and the Prague Museum (now sadly shut for a year or so for major renovation). Note the fantastic colours of the buildings and the design of the roofs; from the clock tower, you can look out over a sea of such houses. I felt this image also worked well in black and white, so have presented both in this portfolio.

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  • Eyeball to Eyeball - Black and White

    Eyeball to Eyeball

    10th March, 2012

    This leopard was photographed in Twycross Zoo a few months before Chasing Rays Photography came into existence. The leopard was clearly bothered by the number of people looking into its pen, and began pacing in front of the perspex viewing window. It began staring at each of the individuals for a few seconds each - and when it was your turn, you most certainly knew it.

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  • Near the Power Station

    Near the Power Station

    28th February, 2010

    An aerial view of the power stations when returning from the industrial works along the Hull estuary, as we turned to Breighton airfield on finals. The wind and weather had made for a quite miserable day, but added to the general gloomy feel of this image.

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