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A selection of my images are also available in black and white as well as colour, or black and white only. This portfolio is a catchall area so you have the option of just viewing all those in black and white in place.

Please see my gallery pages if you’d like to purchase any of these images (note that not all the images seen in my portfolios can necessarily be offered for sale, particularly portraits). Click on the Chasing Rays Photography album to see all my portfolio categories. For social media,

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  • Garden Tunnel at Calke Abbey

    Garden Tunnel at Calke Abbey

    17th May, 2014

    This is the gardeners' tunnel at Calke Abbey. As there was no light in the main body of the tunnel, my choice was to wait until near the end in order to silhouette the person walking in front of me.

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  • A Bevy Of Otters

    A Bevy of Otters

    3rd October, 2014

    Here, we see a black and white conversion of a bevy of otters, backlit by the setting sun. The image was converted to black and white and raised in contrast to highlight the backlighting and other dappled light that appears, and to emphasise the texture of the otters' fur.

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  • Children's Portrait Session

    A Girl’s Portrait

    23rd September, 2014

    Naturally, younger children will be moving about extensively, investigating and playing, so it's unfair to expect them to play ball with more formal poses until the situation warrants it.

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  • Bridesmaid's Dress

    Bridesmaid’s Dress

    24th March, 2014

    Whilst it's clear that it's vital to get a shot of the bride's dress, it's also important to try and feature the bridesmaid's dresses if at all possible.

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  • A Bride's Accessories

    A Bride’s Accessories

    24th March, 2014

    It's always a good idea to capture every personal item particularly those like gifts given on the day, as these will almost certainly have special or personal meaning to the bride or groom.

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  • The Wedding Cake

    The Wedding Cake

    24th March, 2014

    Note the subtle lighting from the right that models this cake with a right-to-left light-to-dark gradient. This is entirely lit by flash, bounced appropriately to simulate the natural light from, say, a window.

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