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A selection of architectural images; in this context, I use architecture as to meaning external design and appearence, whereas I refer to rooms, furniture, etc as ‘interior’. Architecture, by my definition, includes any buildings, so you may see some of my pictures classified as both architecture and landscape; there are also a number of images taken at weddings.

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  • View from the Clock Tower - Black and White

    View from the Clock Tower

    28th March, 2012

    This is the view from the Clock Tower in Old Town Square, Prague, looking down on the small alley that leads you back towards Wencleslas Square and the Prague Museum (now sadly shut for a year or so for major renovation). Note the fantastic colours of the buildings and the design of the roofs; from the clock tower, you can look out over a sea of such houses. I felt this image also worked well in black and white, so have presented both in this portfolio.

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  • Lighting the Way

    Lighting the Way

    27th October, 2012

    This image was taken in the graveyard just outside Belton House Chapel; the light was warm, and seemed to illuminate the doorway to the Chapel itself, creating a warm, welcoming image of the church.

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  • Belton House Grounds

    Belton House Grounds

    27th October, 2012

    This image was taken to show the magnificent Belton House, near Grantham, as seen from the House's botanical gardens.

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