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A selection of architectural images; in this context, I use architecture as to meaning external design and appearence, whereas I refer to rooms, furniture, etc as ‘interior’. Architecture, by my definition, includes any buildings, so you may see some of my pictures classified as both architecture and landscape; there are also a number of images taken at weddings.

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  • The Oratory at Sunset

    The Oratory at Sunset

    6th August, 2013

    The light from the sky was maybe still a couple of stops brighter than the on the land at this time, so I set my ISO to 100 for a 30 second exposure at f/16, to allow to properly expose for the kind of light levels I was seeing in the sky. Obviously, the camera was mounted on a tripod to allow for pin sharp focussing.

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  • The Final Redoubt

    The Final Redoubt

    8th August, 2013

    This building is the inner keep, the final redoubt at Carisbrooke in case the rest of the castle were stormed and taken. It could hold food for months, and had its own well and privies. To get this image of its rather formidable entrance, I had to wait for ten minutes as people streamed past.

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  • Outside the Minster

    Outside the Minster

    18th June, 2013

    This image was taken just outside Beverley Minster and seeks to gain a more abstract impression of the Minster itself. I used a 14-24 mm f2.8 Nikkor wide-angle lens to get the whole of the building and the clear blue sky in view, despite the exaggerated distortion of perspective.

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  • Moonrise over the Telescope

    Moonrise over the Telescope

    16th May, 2013

    This image was taken at the Rutherford Appleton laboratories at Harwell in Oxfordshire, and shows a close-up image of moonrise above the RAL telescope array, one of the notable features of the Harwell campus. The telescope shows the orange-red cast of sunset.

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  • Diamond at Sunset

    Diamond at Sunset

    16th May, 2013

    This image was taken at the Rutherford Appleton laboratories at Harwell in Oxfordshire, and shows the Diamond synchrotron facility at sunset. The sun caught the upper edges of the dome and the few clouds on what was a very still summer's evening. I waited until a convenient time wander out from work (the days are as long as you can stay awake at RAL) to catch this image.

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  • Lockington Church Framed

    Lockington Church Framed

    8th May, 2011

    For me, this image of Lockington Church was taken on a very special day - my first wedding anniversary. This picture was taken from the opposite side of the churchyard as the image entitled 'Lockington Church' from the trees in the background. The leaves and branches of this particular tree made a particularly effective frame, especially when exposing for the church and grounds.

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