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A selection of aeroplane images or images that were taken in and around, though not restricted to, small private airports. Many of these shots are taken before or after flying sessions of an hour or so, during which I generally take my aerial images.

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  • Clear Prop!

    Clear Prop!

    7th October, 2012

    This gentleman shows the other pilots how it's done by getting this prop to spin after only one attempt - everyone else failed to get it going! I caught him in mid-action here, and was very pleased with the dynamic feel of this image.

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  • Magnificent Heights

    Magnificent Heights

    7th October, 2012

    This image was taken on one of Breighton Airfield's display days, almost immediately after the image entitled 'Closing the Loop'. The pilot, after pulling a relatively tight horizontal loop, flew some distance past the end of the airfield before rapidly returning and pulling up hard into this climbing maneuver, still trailing smoke for full showboating effect.

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  • Aeroplane near Power Station

    Aeroplane Over Power Station

    24th April, 2010

    This is another of my aerial shots over powerstations in the Breighton area. Again, this was a shot I took as we came in to land, and I just loved the sense of scale the small aeroplane proved in front of the station itself, as well as the hazy look to the atmosphere at sunset. This image was part of the display used by the winning team in a competition run by NPower.

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