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A selection of abstract images, or images I just can’t seem to fit into any of my other categories, though this portfolio does seem to include images from weddings and just whimsical shots in particular. I show all kinds of things in this category, really, so don’t be surprised if you see some of these pictures replicated in other categories.

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  • Dinky Fingers

    Dinky Fingers

    19th March, 2011

    Pictures showing just how small babies hands and feet are always favoured. As this little girl was laying on her changing mat, I waved my finger in front of her and got her to grasp my finger. It made the subsequent photo just a little difficult, as flash unit, camera and battery packs were all supported in just my right hand, but the final shot was worth any awkwardness.

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  • The Lightning Tree

    The Lightning Tree

    24th August, 2012

    On the paths in the woods on the north shore of Rydal Water, in the Lake District, we came across this dead tree which appeared to have been struck by lightning at some point. This abstract was created just by exposing for the sky - the brightness of the sky guaranteed a moody silhouette, suiting the fact and manner of the tree's demise.

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  • In Memory of the Fallen

    In Memory of the Fallen

    27th March, 2012

    As we went around St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague, we came across this simple table of lit tealights (if that's the right phrase in this context) situated under a dramatic stained glass window. We wandered over to see what it was about: it was a small memorial for Czechoslovakian pilots from World War II, many of whom flew fighters based in the UK. I hope this simple abstract, intended in the same vein as the simplicity of the display itself, does those pilots some small honour.

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