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A selection of abstract images, or images I just can’t seem to fit into any of my other categories, though this portfolio does seem to include images from weddings and just whimsical shots in particular. I show all kinds of things in this category, really, so don’t be surprised if you see some of these pictures replicated in other categories.

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  • Way Of The Exploding Lens

    Way of the Exploding Lens

    17th March, 2016

    The Nikkor 70-200 mm f/2.8 lens is one of the mainstays of Nikon's professional lens series, and a vital addition to any photographer's toolbox.

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  • Garden Tunnel at Calke Abbey

    Garden Tunnel at Calke Abbey

    17th May, 2014

    This is the gardeners' tunnel at Calke Abbey. As there was no light in the main body of the tunnel, my choice was to wait until near the end in order to silhouette the person walking in front of me.

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  • Blackgang Fireworks

    Fireworks at Blackgang Chine

    7th August, 2013

    the fireworks were being launched about 100 yards from where I was stood, so I had to settle for a lot of close up images. The exposure times were around a tenth to a quarter of a second at f5.6 on ISO 400. This allowed enough time to expose the trails of the incandescent metal fragments as they cascaded away from the point of detonation.

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  • Off-Road Land Rover

    Off-Road Land Rover

    2nd June, 2013

    This image was taken with a 14 -24 mm Nikon wide angle lens with the deliberate intention to distort the image and present a dramatic, perspective-enhanced image of this Land Rover. The shot enhances this effect by being taken from low to the ground, so as to also add some drama with the inclusion of the clouds and sky.

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  • A Moment's Relaxation

    A Moment’s Relaxation

    30th July, 2011

    I stayed in the house a while after the second of a little girl's three photo shoots of her first year, and caught her mother's few minutes of relaxation whilst her husband got the little girl ready for bed. Whilst this one was never going to make it to the baby album, it did still make it to the mother!

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  • Jemima Rag Doll

    Jemima Rag Doll

    19th March, 2011

    The set of images this one belongs to was taken during a commission before Chasing Rays came into existence. The mum of the little girl I was shooting, amongst other things, wanted a few of images of her toys around the house. I obliged her by putting Jemima the Rag Doll on a set of children's books (another present for later life) and using bounce flash for the modelling. This image made the baby album.

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