• Close-up of the Decoration on a Wedding Cake

    "Close-up image of the decoration on a wedding cake"

  • Little Boy Portrait

    "A candid moment during a commission to do this little boy's portrait session"

  • Macro Image of a Wedding Day Extra

    "A macro image of one of a bride's wedding day extras"

  • shot: exploded view of a Nikkor 70-200 mm lens

    "Product shot of an exploded view of a Nikkor 70-200 mm lens"

  • Portraiture Image of Two Young Boys

    "Portrait of two children taken at their home"

  • Unusal Glass Decoration on a Wedding CakeProduct

    "An unusual use of etched glasses to decorate this wedding cake"

  • The End of the Second Precession at a Civil Wedding Ceremony

    "The end of the Second Precession, exiting the wedding ceremony venue"

  • Jack Russell in a Wheat Field

    "Jack Russell Curly up to his chest in a wheat field"

  • Close-up of a Man Welding

    "Welding at a manufactory commission near Hull"

Wedding, Special Occasion, Portrait and Bespoke Projects... All your photography needs in one place at Chasing Rays Photography.

– Mark Watkins, Chasing Rays Photography

Modern, On-Location Photography with Chasing Rays

Wedding, Special Occasion and Portrait Photographer based in Markfield, Leicestershire


Elegant, Personal Photography

Elegant, Personal Photography
I am based in Markfield, Leicestershire. I specialise in wedding, special occasion and portrait photography, and cover the whole of the Midlands area of the UK.

I also provide photographic accessories, either with your commission, with your choice of image, or as standalone products.

I’m happy to tailor my services to help you however I can, be it through my photography, bespoke photography projects or with your own images.

To book your photography session, if you’re not sure and want some advice on a bespoke photography project, or just for any other general queries you might have, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

My Service To You

My Service To You
To enhance your chosen images to the fullest, I offer bespoke photography-related services in three main areas:

  • Photography sessions
  • Photographic accessories
  • Photographic frames

As well as weddings, special occasions and individual, group and pet portraiture, I also offer a bespoke photography service for any individual or perhaps unusual photography projects you might have in mind.

Not only this, but I offer a range of photographic frames, accessories and my wedding and photo album construction service for the presentation of your images.

Little Extras

See My Shop
You can buy all sorts of photographic accessories, wedding albums and frames from my website, be that as part of a photography session, to go with one of my images, or as standalone items to go with your own projects and images.

You can either browse the ‘Services’ tab at the top of each page to order specific items, use the search bars or visit my shop to see everything I have available.

If you need a bespoke item from my range, I can advise on and draw up any required specifications for your approval prior to delivering a beautifully presented image.

Even if you’re not sure and just want some general advice on a product, feel free to get in touch.


–Mark Watkins,
Chasing Rays Photography
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